Hi guys,

Welcome to AS Level English Languuage!

  • First things first: I do expect thoughtful, intelligent imaginative, coherent and original work at all times…if you feel your English is not up to par, please take the time to work on it
  • It is absolutely imperative that you set up a blog for YOURSELF. This blog (the URL) will be submitted to me at least once a week, with a piece of writing of your choice – if you have writers block – let me know….if you can’t think of a topic…let me know….if you hate English and the thought of writing….let me know….if you are brilliant at English…let me know also….In fact the more I know the easier my task of preparing you for Cambridge English
  •  In order to assist as you require it, please can you download Skype, add me as a contact: bronwyn7007
  •  Please note that I RARELY tutor in the afternoon as I find it disruptive to my administration of CL Education, so do try always get hold of me in the morning

What I expect:

  • That you write (a lot)
  • That you write with logic and coherency
  • That you use punctuation effectively and with ease
  • That you know your grammar rules when writing
  • That you create meaning in the context of writing
  • That you think with imagination and creatively
  • That your writing is sincere!
  • That your writing is disciplined!

What else do I expect:

  • That you read
  • That you have a dictionary and actually look up the meaning of words
  • That you are passionate about and for something…without a passion (not necessarily English) you will be dull and dreary and inconsistent….
  • (Of course I would love it if you were as enamoured with Poetry as I was – but, as that is not a prerequisite for this course I don’t expect it in the least!)

I do hope you enjoy the course as much as i very passionately love teaching it!