Hi all,

As my work programme is starting to date, and i grow tired and weary of reading the same assignment  and work programme topics, i will give you topics from time to time to write on.

Writing is a discipline and tells me much of your strengths and weaknesses  in terms of the creation of meaning; i get much insight into your skill sets, be these punctuation, grammar, semiotics, ability to use metaphor, originality and so forth and so forth…

To start you off, you can skip section one – Language Commentary and start with section two – Narrative writing – please review the entire section: To give you a quick overview:

Narrative writing tells a story and is structured around:

  1. a plot which involves
  2. character/s,
  3. setting/s,
  4. person or viewpoint.

A good narrative should leave the reader feeling like they have “taken something” from the story,  thus try not to make it cumbersome but capture an experience, theme, idea, perception in a unique way.

Remember too that many people before you have possibly written on a similar topic, it is how you structure it, the words that you use, and so forth that make it original and unique.

So with this in mind: if you look at the sub-title of my blog page – you will note the Oscar Wilde quote:

”Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

Using the quote and the picture below write a Narrative piece of between 500 and 900 words in reaction to the quote and picture.

Do remember to title your work and do remember furthermore that this is a NARRATIVE PIECE (not imaginative or descriptive), thus i want to be engrossed in the STORY!

PLEASE NOTE: (The above picture is taken from the following site http://io9.com/5876235/on-one-japanese-island-everyone-always-carries-a-gas-mask   – it makes for an interesting read – so for the smart computer geeks – i know and have read the original text that accompanies the picture – don’t be a copy-cat – it WILL annoy me immensely!)