Bronwyn Ansell

I have been as slave to words and language longer than I can remember.
Because words and language are beyond all things the most tantalising master!
I have been teaching English language and Literature longer than I care to remember
Because it is the inspiration to life!
Language is the most powerful tool in world!
It will guide you, it will teach you, it expresses you, it will colour your world or make it dull, it will persuade you, and motivate you, it will create the essence of your thoughts, it will lie for you and tell the truth for you, it will play with you when you are bored…. It will be your business or your pleasure, it will laugh with you, it will think with you … Learn it well and use it always!
It is as much pleasure as a privilege to see you thrive as it is to observe the progressive development and ultimate synergy between the theory of Language and the application thereof, from any student.
My formal qualifications include:  BA (Communication Science) and BTech (Post School education), S.A.C.E registered (reg. no 122156)

I am here to assist you, so please do not hesitate to clarify anything you feel necessitates an explanation or discussion

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  1. Hi! This is Marisa Otto

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